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Old Stories of Japan / Beatutiful Japan

English Titles

The Old Man Who became a Baby:The Girl who ate a Baby:A Man with a Tree on his Head: Tiger in Paper Screen:One Inch Boy:A White Hare in Inaba: Urashima TaroThe Cow's Marriage:A Beautiful Wife from the Sea:A Japanese Nightingale:The Man Who became a Horse:Revenge of Skelton:The Old are Cleverer than The Young:Melon Princess: Wife in a Picture: Omusubi Rolling down:Plum Boy on the Ogres' Island:A Priest and his Boy:Raccoon's TeakettleA Stupid Brother:Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine Stairs:Ogre In and Happiness Out:A funny Letter:A Huge Tree and a Young Lady:The Silk Lady:A Giant Crab: Bamboo LadySix Little StatuesA Duck Hunter:Click-Clack Mountain:The Clever Daughter:The Brothers, a Foolish one and a Sly one:One -Eyed Old ManThe Frog Wife:A Frog and a Snake:The Marriage of Kappa:The Clever Boar and the Monkey: Golden Boy:Fox and Bear:Fox and Raccoon Dog:Fox & Raccon & Hare:An Eyelash of Fox:Fox's Revenge:The Turtle that lays Gold:A Golden Camellia:A Folding Screen:A Red Hood:A Wise Young Man goes to the Sky:The Ogre who lost her Beloved Son:Kyoto Frog and Osaka Frog: A Wife who eat Nothing: The Old Man who has a Lump:Child-Eating Cave:The Priest's Cane:A Lady Ghost:Maid Crabs:The Heron's Dirty Trick: A Monkey Millionaire:Monkey StatueMonkey Vs Crab:A Jellyfish and a Monkey:The Spring of Sake:Three Strong Men:Three Children and the Ogre:The Ogress and the Disciple:Three Merchants:The Sleeping Man:The Protective Deity of a Home: A Sparrow with her Tongue CutWhy the Bear has a Stumpy Tail:A Salt Mortar:I Know Everything:Zodiac Years of Animals:Tanuki Raccoons at Moonlit NightThe Great King of Emma that likes Play:Seven Gods who bring Happiness:The Goddess of Mercy:Voice from a Gravestone: The Sparrow's Gourd:Sparrow and Woodpecker:A Charcoal:Thousands of Wolves: Why are the Roots of Buckwheat Red?:A Tortoise that Flew in the Sky: In the Bass Drum:The Star Festival:A Snail Millionaire:Tanokyu:Carpenter and 'Oniroku':A Treasure Bridge:Treasure ClogsDragon's Son:The Farmer ans the Raccoon:A Raccoon Dog and a Snail:The Bamboo Girl:The Fox and a ManThe Sun and a Mole: Silence is No Use:Kitchen Boy: The Crane Lady:The Moon and a Rabbit:Flower Wife: Ladybird in a Bamboo:Tengu's Gourd:Gift from Heaven:The New Year God:Dragonfly Millionaire:Tiger and Fox:Tiger's Oil:Poisonous Food:Why is a Carrot Red?:Why lobsters' Back are Bent:The Dumpling: Red Ogre and Blue Ogre:Riddles of Ghost:Japanese Kind and Chinese King: Shrewd Doctor: A Wedding of Mouse:Sumo of Rats:A Sutra of Mice:Rat and Black Kite:A Cat's Last Words:The Mother of Cat: Fleas can be medicine?: The Old Man who made Cherry trees BlossomThe Flower Girl:A Lord who likes Old Stories:An Ant and A Bee:A Dirty Boy:A Man who had a Sharp Nose:The Hardworking Man:Ten Dishes: What are You Fishing?:A Fire BoyThe God of Poverty:Transform Yourself into a Frog:Mysterious Drum: Rain DropThe Old Red Rice Bowl:The Ship Ghosts:An Owl and a Crow:Poison:The Ugly Man:The Wierd Rock: A Lucky Hunter:The Old Man who Broke Wind:A Lady who Broke Wind:Snake and Mole:A Golden Ball of a Snake: Why a Bean has a Black Stripe:A Bean Rolls Down:The Old Man under the Pine Trees:The Pine Trees visit Ise Shrine:It's Unbelievable: Leaking Tub:Three Pots and a Greedy Man: Mujina:A Centipede and HIs Fellows: The Letter from the Goddess: Peach Boy:Another Urashima: The Eight Heads Snake:Mountain Contest:The Mountain God and a Boy:Mountain Witch's Cloak:The Wild Grapes: Snow LadyBuy Dream:A Brave Rabbit:The Setting Sun Millionaire:An Egg of Ghost: A Straw Millionaire:
Atago StatueSister and BrotherThe Cave in the Heaven:A Great Buddha Saved a Priest:The Ogress in Adachi-ga-hara: The Exchanged Bride:The Hill of the ThunderA Cow Led a Woman to Zenkoji-Temple:Ushiwaka and his retailer Benkei:Two Brothers:A Fortune Teller: Grudge and Obligation: Gold Body:Lady Bandits:Onatu and Seijuro:The Undutiful Daughter and the Dutiful Daughter-in-law:Am I the God of Mercy?:The Woman who lost her Husband: A Painter and a Fire:The Thunder's Kid:Who is in the Mirror?:The Pirate Priest: The Birth of Shining Prince:The God in the North:The Story that a Fox became a WifeThe Rainbow deerThe Old Man's Horse: A Fox on a Lion:The Drunken Ogre:A Man Who came back from the Hell: THe Double Suicide at Sonezaki:Soga Brothers:Flying Granary:The Story of a Priest who abandoned his Son and helped his Mother: The Dragon Princess:A Huge Haniwa StatueYoung Disciple and Rice CakeThe Mysterious Strong Boy: A Girl with a Bowl on her Head:The Tree Dwarf Trees:Naked Laborers: The Legend of Lord Sheep:The Daughter who was reincarnated as a Sheep: Two Wives:Two PriestsA Daughter who has Two pairs of Parents: The Sightseeing of the Festival: The Priest who jumped into a River:Mito-Komon,the Former ShogunGreengrocer's Daughter Oshichi: The Carp in the Dream:Yuriwaka Legend:Rasho-Mon:
[Funny Stories]
The Man who dropped a Wallet and the other Man who picked it up:The Good-natured Trio: The God of Death:Shibahama,was It really a Dream?:A Long, Long Name: A Badger's Bill:The Judgement of Tengu:What Time is It Now?: The First Visit to the Tenjin-Shrine:I am afraid of Manju:A Mirror from Mother:A Sanma from Meguro:
[Akutagawa Ryunosuke etc]
The Dog and the Flute: The Frog: The Spider's Thread White Dog: The Story of Tiger:Tu Tze-Chun: The Nose:A Female Spider:In the BushRun, Melos!:The Lyre Player in BurmaThe Marriage of Snake

[Miyazawa Kenji]
Won't get Sick from Rain:A Coward and an Elephant:The Four Forest:Gauche the Cellist:The Restaurant that has many Orders:The Ampelosis and the Rainbow:The Star of Night Hawk:
[Lafukadio Hearn]
A Story on a Wife: A Fire on the HIll: The Nursemaid Cherry Trees: The Story of O-Tei:The Story of O-Sei: Shark-Man's Tears: The Sixteenth Cherry Tree: The Lady in the Screen: A Story of a Fly: The Dead Secret: A Lute Priest without Ears: :The Broken Promise: Ghost Fall: The Man who divorced his Wife:
[Niimi Nankichi]
The Red Candle:The Red Dragonfly:A Hare's Story:A Rapeseed by a Stable: The King and a Shoemaker: A Crab's Barber:The Birthday of a Goose:A Hammer: The God who likes Children:A Young Disciple's Sutra:Lonely Fox: The MOnkey and Five Samurais:Spring in Fields,Spring in Mountains: To buy Gloves:The Snail's Grief: Shooting Stars:A Foolish Boy called "Power":Two Frogs: The Candle Fire:
[Ogawa Mimei etc]
The Red Fish and BoysA Princess and a BeggarCrow and a ScarecrowThree Children and Two applesA Tulip BudA Butterfly and Three StonesA Story of a Crying BoyFlower and LightThe Next World of a Lazy Old ManThe Late-Riser Potato:Mr.Frog and Ms.Cricket:A Talk between Tortoises:An Elephant and a Mouse: The Gift from Thunder:The Brother Gods: The Paper Rain Doll:Shirt Stories:A Thief Cat:The Tower of Babel:
A BOwl of Kake-soba:A Bowl of Kake-soba(Part 2):The Reformed Thief:The Gold Ax:A Hearty Present:Suzu Princess:Three Spirits:The Chains of Goodness:A Dog and a BabyChinderella:Three SistersThe Selfish Giant:A Cat in Long Boots:

[Asakusa]: [Aizu]: [Azumino]:[Usui lake]: [Enkakuzi-temple]:[Ocyanomizu]:[Okinawa]: [Odawara-castle] [Ueno-park]: [Oouchizyuku]: [Ueno-village]: [Erinji-tenple]: [Oze] [Ooedo-spring]: [Demon's house]:[Edo-festival]: [Edo-musium]: [House] [Nikko Edo village]: [Otaru] [Kamakura]: [Kawasaki]:[Katakura-house]: [Cats]: [Furukawa-garden]: [Kannari-mountain]: [Kusazu-spa]: [Kurobe-dam]: [Christmas illumination] [Kenrokuen]: [Kurobe]: [Ginza]: [Science musium]: [kannon-yama] [Kyoto]: [Old castle]: [Lake]: [Insect]: [Vegetable]: [red leaves]: [Persimmon] [Sapporo]: [Suntory Hall]: [Zyougasaki]: [Zyouren fall]: [Shimonita]: [Sensoji temple]: [Shiodome] [Sitamachi]: [Sugamo]: [SHirakawa]: [Siga Height]: [Syourinji-temple] [Zyougasaki]: [Siba palace]: [Obata]: [Shibamata]: [Tree] [Zenkoji-temple]: [Paddy]: [Animal]: [Cherry tree]: [Sodai-Mountain] [Turuga castle]: [Toi mine]: [Takeda shirine]: [CHinzanso]:[Disney Sea]: [Tower] [Zuiganji-temple]: [Walks]: [China town]: [Tomioka silk factory]: [Tenku bridge] [Tokyo light]: [Tono]: [Building]: [Bud]: [Bamboo]: [Falls] [TBS] [Nakanotake Shirine]: [Nihonbashi]: [Nukisaki shrine]: [New lake]: [Noguchi HIdeo]: [Nezu shrine]: [Garden flower]: [Garden]: [Nikko] [Hama palace]: [Haruna shrine]: [Haruna Plum]: [Furin House]: [Furin festival]: [Fukiwari fall] [Flower]: [Snow]: [Sunrise]: [Fuji mountain]: [Hometown] [Matusima]: [Mizusawa temple]: [Tumaki castle]: [Myogi shrine]: [Meiji shrine] [Michinoku village]: [MInatomirai]: [Street]: [Cars]: [Megane bridge]: [Myogi mountain]: [Folkcraft]:[Meguro] [Yotuya]: [Yamashita park]: [Yusima shrine]: [Birds] [Ramen musium]:[Ryogoku]: [Rockheart castle]: [Train]: [Rakuzan garden]



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